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Transatlantic Cruise from Palma to Bridgetown aboard Mein Schiff 2


About this cruise

Embark on an exciting 20-day cruise in the Transatlantic on the Mein Schiff 2 ship. Departing from Palma, you`ll sail to Bridgetown, visiting Spain, Gibraltar, Saint Kitts and Nevis, Dominican Republic, Martinique, and Barbados along the way. Enjoy exploring these captivating destinations during your journey.

Cabin Prices

The cruise price at the top of the page (1.979€) is listed for the accommodation of one person in a double cabin. To get the total cabin cost, multiply this price by two. All subsequent prices are listed for the entire cabin and do not require additional multiplication.

All prices presented on this website are approximate and do not constitute a public offer. For precise price information, please contact the service provider.

Single Cabin Price

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
16/10/2024 - 04/11/2024 3.770€ 4.340€ 5.030€ 11.740€

Double Cabin Price

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
16/10/2024 - 04/11/2024 3.960€ 4.600€ 5.360€ 11.800€

Cabin Price for Two Adults with One Child

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
16/10/2024 - 04/11/2024 4.260€ 4.900€ 5.660€ 11.800€

Cabin Price for Two Adults with Two Children

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
16/10/2024 - 04/11/2024 - 5.300€ 5.960€ 11.800€

Cruise Route

Day 1: Palma (Mallorca), Balearic Islands. Departure time: 22:00. The port of Palma de Mallorca can accommodate eight cruise ships at the same time. These can dock at the northwest or southwest quays as well as the West Pier. The city center is located about 6 to 7 km from the West Pier and about 5 km from the northwest or southwest quay. A shuttle service is offered, which costs around €9 per person. However, you can also reach the city center of the capital of the Balearic Islands by bus. Palma de Mallorca forms an economic and cultural center of Mallorca. In the 13th and 14th centuries, the city developed into an important trading center in the western Mediterranean region. Trade brought the city wealth and prestige. Most of the major historical buildings in Mallorca also date back to that time. Life pulsates in Palma both on the shaded boulevard Passeig des Born and in the small alleys of the old town. Palma still has a particularly attractive city center as a modern metropolis, with a noteworthy.

Day 2: Sea day.

Day 3: Gibraltar, Gibraltar. Arrival time: 08:00. Departure time: 15:00. Duration of port stay: 7 hours. The British city of Gibraltar is located south of the Spanish coast. The 27,300 inhabitants are protected by a heavily fortified military and trading port. The unique location of the peninsula, which connects the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, can be seen as a reason for this. The waterway, called the "Strait of Gibraltar," is 60 km long and 14 km wide at its narrowest point. Gibraltar has been a frequent battleground throughout history: conquered by the Spaniards in 1462, they had to cede the island to the British in 1704. As a result, Gibraltar was declared a British crown colony in 1830. However, Spain still claims ownership of the city and its bay. The city`s attractions include the Catholic Cathedral of St. Mary the Crowned, the Anglican Cathedral of Holy Trinity, the Gibraltar Museum, and the Governor`s Palace known as "The Convent," where.

Day 4: Sea day.

Day 5: Las Palmas (Gran Canaria), Canary Islands. Arrival time: 09:00. Departure time: 22:00. Duration of port stay: 13 hours. Las Palmas is the capital of the island of Gran Canaria and offers two large beaches within its two bays. The port of Puerto de la Luz is one of the most important ports in Europe. Las Palmas has a very good infrastructure and impresses with its historic old town, where the Santa Ana Cathedral is located. Since its construction in 1497, the cathedral has been restored and modified several times, resulting in a combination of.

Day 6: Santa Cruz de Tenerife (Tenerife), Canary Islands. Arrival time: 08:00. Departure time: 19:00. Duration of port stay: 11 hours. The island capital Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a friendly, lively city that is home to picturesque streets, parks, and squares, as well as the famous botanical garden. The center of Santa Cruz is a mixture of old neighborhoods and modern architecture. The famous beaches Las Gaviotas and Las Teresitas are located very close to the city. The mountain Monte de la Esperanza in front of the city is also worth a visit, as the summit offers a breathtaking view of the island. Attractions: Plaza de Espana with War Memorial, Museums of Archae.

Day 7 - 12: Sea day.

Day 13: St. John`s (Antigua), Antigua and Barbuda. Arrival time: 07:30. Departure time: 19:00. Duration of port stay: 11 hours 30 minutes. St. John`s is the capital and only deep-water port of the mini-state of Antigua and Barbuda in the northeastern Caribbean. Clear water and hundreds of beaches with fine sand surround the city. Since you can shop duty-free on the island, you will find a variety of fashion boutiques, electronics stores, and jewelers directly at Heritage Quay, close to the port. Traditional crafts, straw dolls, masks, and exotic colorful fashion can be found in the former slave quarters. The building of the former British colonial court now houses the Museum of Antigua and Barbuda, with exhibits from the colonial era and the slave trade. The St. John`s Cathedral with two Georgian bell towers.

Day 14: Philipsburg, St. Martin. Arrival time: 07:30. Departure time: 22:00. Duration of port stay: 14 hours 30 minutes. Sint Maarten, with its capital Philipsburg, is the smaller Dutch part of the enchanting Caribbean island that the Netherlands and France have peacefully shared since 1648. The Dutch part of the island is among the most popular shopping and vacation destinations in the Caribbean. In Philipsburg alone, there are over 500 shops in the pastel-colored Dutch style, where luxury goods can be purchased at up to 50% below the regular retail price. The best way to experience genuine Caribbean flair is at.

Day 15: Basseterre (St. Kitts), St. Kitts and Nevis. Arrival time: 07:30. Departure time: 19:00. Duration of port stay: 11 hours 30 minutes. Basseterre is a port city on the Antilles island of "Saint Kitts" and the capital of the islands of "Saint Kitts" and "Nevis". The city is home to 12,600 inhabitants who primarily make a living from the textile industry. The deep-sea port was recently completed. The architecture of the city is influenced by the British and French colonial era, especially at "Independence Square". The main attractions include "The Circus", "Independence Square", and the church "St. George". The Craft House is also interesting. Near the capital, one should allow enough time to explore Brimstone Hill Fortress and Black Rock. The Caribelle Batik Factory is also wort.

Day 16: Sea day.

Day 17: La Romana, Dominican Republic. Arrival time: 07:00. Departure time: 22:00. Duration of port stay: 15 hours. Located on the south coast of the province of the same name, La Romana is one of the largest cities in the Caribbean with approximately 200,000 inhabitants. Originally, La Romana was a small village, but it gradually developed into a large industrial town, due in part to the sugar refinery. With the construction of the port and the international airport, it later became a tourist center. Notable attractions include the breathtaking scenery of the typical Caribbean beaches, a replica.

Day 18: Sea day.

Day 19: Fort-de-France, Martinique. Arrival time: 07:30. Departure time: 19:00. Duration of port stay: 11 hours 30 minutes. The capital of the French island Martinique is known not only for its harbor, but also as the economic center of the island. The city is characterized by narrow, bustling streets and colorful markets. Attractions: City library, "Savannah Gardens", War.

Day 20: Bridgetown, Barbados. Arrival time: 07:00. Bridgetown is the capital of the state of Barbados. The city, with a population of 6,700 inhabitants, is located on the south coast of the country. Tourists can find numerous shopping opportunities in the highly modern harbor area of the picturesque town, as well as an exciting nightlife. In Bridgetown, there is a historic synagogue that was built in 1627 shortly after the founding of the British colony by Brazili.