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Transatlantic Cruise: Miami to Alicante aboard MSC Magnifica

1.389€ 2.318€ 40% off

About this cruise

Embark on a 19-day cruise adventure across the Atlantic Ocean, starting from Miami and ending in Alicante aboard the MSC Magnifica ship. Along the way, you`ll have the chance to visit exciting destinations in the USA, British Virgin Islands, Martinique, Barbados, Portugal, and Spain.

Cabin Prices

The cruise price at the top of the page (1.389€) is listed for the accommodation of one person in a double cabin. To get the total cabin cost, multiply this price by two. All subsequent prices are listed for the entire cabin and do not require additional multiplication.

All prices presented on this website are approximate and do not constitute a public offer. For precise price information, please contact the service provider.

Single Cabin Price

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
07/11/2024 - 26/11/2024 3.800€ 4.200€ 4.600€ 8.440€
08/11/2024 - 26/11/2024 2.510€ 2.920€ 3.320€ 7.160€

Double Cabin Price

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
07/11/2024 - 26/11/2024 4.640€ 5.040€ 5.440€ 9.280€
08/11/2024 - 26/11/2024 2.780€ 3.190€ 3.590€ 7.430€

Cabin Price for Two Adults with One Child

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
07/11/2024 - 26/11/2024 6.030€ 6.420€ 6.850€ 10.870€
08/11/2024 - 26/11/2024 3.370€ 3.760€ 4.190€ 8.210€

Cabin Price for Two Adults with Two Children

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
07/11/2024 - 26/11/2024 7.150€ 7.570€ 8.030€ 12.330€
08/11/2024 - 26/11/2024 3.690€ 4.110€ 4.570€ 8.870€

Cruise Route

Day 1: Miami (Florida), USA. Departure time: 20:00. Miami is a city on the southeast coast of the US state of Florida. The district "Coconut Grove" was considered the heart of the Miami settlement in 1884. Today, the cityscape is characterized by elegant boutiques and street cafes. In the streets of the city, there is often a free street concert, where reggae or jazz is usually played. The city has numerous high-rise buildings, hotels, palm gardens, shopping, cultural and recreational centers.

Day 2 - 3: Sea day.

Day 4: Road Town (Tortola), British Virgin Islands. Arrival time: 08:00. Departure time: 18:00. Duration of port stay: 10 hours. Road Town is the main administrative city on the island of Tortola, which is part of the British Virgin Islands. The city was last destroyed by a hurricane in 1924 and has since been rebuilt. Today it is a small, colorful place. Along the main street, there are small houses in Victorian style and unique shops, including "Pusser`s Company Store," which is still the supplier of rum to the British Navy. The Folk Museum is also worth a visit. In the botanical.

Day 5: St. John`s (Antigua), Antigua and Barbuda. Arrival time: 08:00. Departure time: 18:00. Duration of port stay: 10 hours. St. John`s is the capital and only deep-water port of the mini-state of Antigua and Barbuda in the northeastern Caribbean. Clear water and hundreds of beaches with fine sand surround the city. Since you can shop duty-free on the island, you will find a variety of fashion boutiques, electronics stores, and jewelers directly at Heritage Quay, close to the port. Traditional crafts, straw dolls, masks, and exotic colorful fashion can be found in the former slave quarters. The building of the former British co.

Day 6: Philipsburg, St. Martin. Arrival time: 08:00. Departure time: 18:00. Duration of port stay: 10 hours. Sint Maarten, with its capital Philipsburg, is the smaller Dutch part of the enchanting Caribbean island that the Netherlands and France have peacefully shared since 1648. The Dutch part of the island is among the most popular shopping and vacation destinations in the Caribbean. In Philipsburg alone, there are over 500 shops in the pastel-colored Dutch style, where luxury.

Day 7: Fort-de-France, Martinique. Arrival time: 09:00. Departure time: 19:00. Duration of port stay: 10 hours. The capital of the French island Martinique is known not only for its harbor, but also as the economic center of the island. The city is characterized by narrow, bustling streets and colorf.

Day 8: Bridgetown, Barbados. Arrival time: 07:00. Departure time: 15:00. Duration of port stay: 8 hours. Bridgetown is the capital of the state of Barbados. The city, with a population of 6,700 inhabitants, is located on the south coast of the country. Tourists can find numerous shopping opportunities in the highly modern harbor area of the picturesque town, as well as an exciting nightlife. In Bridgetown, there is.

Day 9 - 14: Sea day.

Day 15: Funchal (Madeira), Portugal. Arrival time: 10:00. Departure time: 19:00. Duration of port stay: 9 hours. Funchal is the capital of Madeira and is located on the southern coast of the island. The port city stretches from a relatively flat coastline to the adjacent mountain range. Funchal is not only suitable for relaxing in one of the floating cafes on the promenade, but also for shopping for delicious delicacies in the market hall, which offers a wide range of fish, flowers, and vegetables. The city center is also worth seeing: in the small old town is the famo.

Day 16: Sea day.

Day 17: Lisbon, Portugal. Arrival time: 07:00. Departure time: 18:00. Duration of port stay: 11 hours. The white city by the sea, built on seven hills and surrounded by the natural harbor "Rio Tejo", was founded by the Phoenicians around the 9th-7th century BC. Today it is the capital of Portugal and also one of the oldest cities in Europe. Lisbon is rich in monuments. In addition, the Portuguese capital offers a diverse and interesting cultural scene wi.

Day 18: Sea day.

Day 19: Alicante, Spain. Arrival time: 08:00. The prosperous city on the Spanish Mediterranean possesses both interesting buildings and monuments as well as beautiful beaches. Tourist attractions: The Baroque Town Hall, the huge castle "Santa Barbara", the 19th-century Castle of San Fernando, the ruins "Tossal de Manises" that.