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Cruise in the Transatlantic from Baltimore to Barcelona aboard Carnival Legend ship with visits to USA, Portugal, and Spain for 13 days


About this cruise

Embark on a 13-day cruise in Transatlantic, starting from Baltimore and heading to Barcelona on the Carnival Legend ship. Along the way, you`ll have the chance to discover enchanting locations in the USA, Portugal, and Spain.

Cabin Prices

The cruise price at the top of the page (767€) is listed for the accommodation of one person in a double cabin. To get the total cabin cost, multiply this price by two. All subsequent prices are listed for the entire cabin and do not require additional multiplication.

All prices presented on this website are approximate and do not constitute a public offer. For precise price information, please contact the service provider.

Single Cabin Price

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
15/04/2024 - 27/04/2024 1.490€ 1.760€ 2.320€ -

Double Cabin Price

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
15/04/2024 - 27/04/2024 1.540€ 1.780€ 2.410€ -

Cabin Price for Two Adults with One Child

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
15/04/2024 - 27/04/2024 1.540€ 1.780€ 2.410€ -

Cabin Price for Two Adults with Two Children

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
15/04/2024 - 27/04/2024 1.540€ 1.780€ 2.410€ -

Cruise Route

Day 1: Baltimore (Maryland), USA. Departure time: 18:00. Baltimore is the largest city in the state of Maryland with approximately 800,000 inhabitants and one of the most important seaports in the United States. The port city is also a significant industrial and commercial center, with a focus on research and development, specifically in pharmaceuticals, medical supplies, and healthcare services. Baltimore is home to the residence and grave of the writer Edgar Allan Poe. The face of the harbor city has undergone significant changes in recent years, particularly in terms of tourist areas. Many areas have been renovated and new buildings have been constructed, giving Baltimore a very positive character. The Inner Harbor, located on an offshoot of the 320-kilometer-long Chesapeake Bay, has become the center of tourism. The frigate USS Constellation, the first ship of the US Navy from 1797 and the oldest floating ship in the world, is docked at Pier 1 of the Inner Harbor. Among the museums, the Baltimore Museum of Art (with numerous post-impressionist works), the Walters Art Gallery, and the City Life Museum, a block of buildings representing 19th-century city life, are particularly noteworthy. Mount Vernon Place offers houses and squares from the 19th century as well as many cultural institutions. The Washington Monument is also located here, offering a panoramic view of Baltimore and its surroundings. Fort McHenry National Monument is the site of special militar.

Day 2 - 7: Sea day.

Day 8: Ponta Delgada (Sao Miguel), Azores. Arrival time: 09:30. Departure time: 18:30. Duration of port stay: 9 hours. Ponta Delgada is the port city and main town of the Portuguese Azores island of São Miguel. The city, with around 30,000 inhabitants, is colorful and lively. The manageable town with a historic center is characterized by beautiful parks and small streets and squares. A stroll along the long harbor promenade or in the marina is particularly worthwhile. Attractions: Parish Church, Market, Regional Museum with exhibi.

Day 9 - 10: Sea day.

Day 11: Málaga, Spain. Arrival time: 07:00. Departure time: 16:00. Duration of port stay: 9 hours. Malaga was founded by the seafaring Phoenicians around the 8th century BC. Today, Malaga is a modern city with a significant commercial port, an airport, and a university. Additionally, the city benefits from a year-round ideal climate, making it one of the most important tourist destinations on the Iberian Peninsula. Points of interest include the Royal Palace "Alcazaba," built in the 11th century and equipped with an Archaeological Museum, the city`s cathedral, built around 1528, with charming chapels "Capilla Mayor" and "Capilla del Sagrado Corazón," numerous churches, Pablo Picasso`s birthplace, and the 18th-century buildings "Casa del Consulado," "Palacio de la Aduana," "Casa Palacio del Marqués de Valdeflore.

Day 12: Alicante, Spain. Arrival time: 08:00. Departure time: 16:00. Duration of port stay: 8 hours. The prosperous city on the Spanish Mediterranean possesses both interesting buildings and monuments as well as beautiful beaches. Tourist attractions: The Baroque Town Hall, the huge castle "Santa Barbara", the 19th-century Castle of San Fernando, the ruins "Tossal de Manises" that show the origins of Alicante. The Spanish port city possesses many magnificent townhouses, countless churches, and two palaces: "Gravina" Pa.

Day 13: Barcelona, Spain. Arrival time: 06:00. The city is a successful blend of tradition and modernity. Here you can find both historical buildings from the Middle Ages and modern architecture. Barcelona is considered the most important economic center of Catalonia. In terms of culture, the Mediterranean metropolis has a lot to offer, including the Picasso Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and the National Art Museum of Catalonia. In the Gothic old town "Barri Gotic" you will find the Cathedral "La Seu" from the 13th century. However, the symbol of Barcelona is the church "Sagrada Familia", designed by Antonio Gaudí. Barcelona is bustling both during the day with business activities and at night with an active nightlife. Another attraction is the "Rambles", the magnificent promenade located in the center, with numerous street cafes, shops, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Furthermore, one should not miss "El Pue.