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Cruise in the Transatlantic from Civitavecchia to Cape Liberty / New York aboard Odyssey of the Seas ship with visits to Italy, Spain, Portugal, and USA for 15 days


About this cruise

Embark on a 15-day cruise through the Transatlantic, starting in Civitavecchia and heading to Cape Liberty / New York aboard the Odyssey of the Seas. Explore enchanting destinations in Italy, Spain, Portugal, and the USA along the way.

Cabin Prices

The cruise price at the top of the page (978€) is listed for the accommodation of one person in a double cabin. To get the total cabin cost, multiply this price by two. All subsequent prices are listed for the entire cabin and do not require additional multiplication.

All prices presented on this website are approximate and do not constitute a public offer. For precise price information, please contact the service provider.

Single Cabin Price

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
03/11/2024 - 17/11/2024 1.790€ 2.310€ 2.680€ -

Double Cabin Price

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
03/11/2024 - 17/11/2024 1.960€ 2.480€ 2.870€ -

Cabin Price for Two Adults with One Child

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
03/11/2024 - 17/11/2024 2.580€ 3.140€ 3.590€ -

Cabin Price for Two Adults with Two Children

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
03/11/2024 - 17/11/2024 3.440€ 4.190€ 4.780€ -

Cruise Route

Day 1: Civitavecchia (Rome), Italy. Departure time: 17:00. The Italian capital Rome is also called "the Eternal City", because the pulsating metropolis still harbors valuable, world-famous treasures from antiquity. The most important attractions of the city include the "Baths of Caracalla", the Imperial Forum, the Colosseum, the "Piazza Navona", the fountain of the god Neptune, and of course St. Peter`s Basilica with Michelangelo`s dome.

Day 2: Sea day.

Day 3: Barcelona, Spain. Arrival time: 08:00. Departure time: 19:30. Duration of port stay: 11 hours 30 minutes. The city is a successful blend of tradition and modernity. Here you can find both historical buildings from the Middle Ages and modern architecture. Barcelona is considered the most important economic center of Catalonia. In terms of culture, the Mediterranean metropolis has a lot to offer, including the Picasso Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, and the National Art Museum of Catalonia. In the Gothic old town "Barri Gotic" you will find the Cathedral "La Seu" from the 13th century. However, the symbol of Barcelona is the church "Sagrada Familia", designed by Antonio Gaudí. Barcelona is bustling both during the day with business activities and at night with an active nightlife. Another attraction is the "Rambles", the magnificent promenade located in the center, with numerous street cafes, shops, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs. Furthermore, one should not miss "El Puerto", the harbor with its beautiful view over Barcelona and the nearby boulevard "Paseo de Colón".

Day 4: Valencia, Spain. Arrival time: 08:00. Departure time: 18:00. Duration of port stay: 10 hours. Valencia, located on the east coast of Spain, was founded by the Romans and later occupied by the Moors in the early Middle Ages before being reconquered by the Christians. The old town is home to numerous remarkable buildings, such as the cathedral dating back to 1262, whose bell tower is the symbol of Valencia, and the Church of Saint Catherine. Visitors can also explore the well-preserved towers of the medieval city wall. For relaxation, a trip on the modern tram to one of Valencia`s many beaches is highly recommended. Notable sights include: the Cathedral, Basilica de la Virgen de los Desamparados, Imperial Monastery, Church of San Nicolas, Church of San Martin, La Lonja de la Seda, City Hall, Central Market, Colon Market, Estacion del Norte, Turia Gardens, City of Arts and Sciences.

Day 5: Cartagena, Spain. Arrival time: 08:00. Departure time: 18:00. Duration of port stay: 10 hours. The port city of Cartagena, located in the southeastern part of Spain on the Costa Calida, is perfect for a land excursion. The architecture reflects the Roman era in the cityscape. The ancient Roman theater, the Art Nouveau Town Hall, and the Grand Hotel are among the main attractions. The cozy old town with its unique charm, many restaurants, and shops invites you to linger.

Day 6: Málaga, Spain. Arrival time: 08:00. Departure time: 18:00. Duration of port stay: 10 hours. Malaga was founded by the seafaring Phoenicians around the 8th century BC. Today, Malaga is a modern city with a significant commercial port, an airport, and a university. Additionally, the city benefits from a year-round ideal climate, making it one of the most important tourist destinations on the Iberian Peninsula. Points of interest include the Royal Palace "Alcazaba," built in the 11th century and equipped with an Archaeological Museum, the city`s cathedral, built around 1528, with charming chapels "Capilla Mayor" and "Capilla del Sagrado Corazón," numerous churches, Pablo Picasso`s birthplace, and the 18th-century buildings "Casa del Consulado," "Palacio de la Aduana," "Casa Palacio del Marqués de Valdeflores," and the park areas "Puerta Oscura," "de Ricasso," and "de Pedro Luis Alonso.".

Day 7: Sea day.

Day 8: Funchal (Madeira), Portugal. Arrival time: 08:00. Departure time: 18:00. Duration of port stay: 10 hours. Funchal is the capital of Madeira and is located on the southern coast of the island. The port city stretches from a relatively flat coastline to the adjacent mountain range. Funchal is not only suitable for relaxing in one of the floating cafes on the promenade, but also for shopping for delicious delicacies in the market hall, which offers a wide range of fish, flowers, and vegetables. The city center is also worth seeing: in the small old town is the famous fortress. The upper town is dominated by the "Pico Fort" called "Castelo de São de Pico". At the foot of the fortress is the English cemetery. Other attractions include the cathedral, the old customs building, the fort "São Tiago", the city park, "Quinta das Cruzes" - a garden with an archaeological park.

Day 9 - 14: Sea day.

Day 15: Cape Liberty / New York (New Jersey), USA. Arrival time: 06:00. In the northeast of New Jersey, on the Bayonne Peninsula, you will find the cruise port Cape Liberty. It is one of the three transatlantic terminals of New York and also serves as the starting point for trips to New England, Canada, and the Caribbean. Cape Liberty offers a breathtaking view of the Statue of Liberty as well as the Manhattan skyline.