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MSC Orchestra Cruise: Genoa to Lisbon


About this cruise

Embark on an exciting 6-day Mediterranean cruise aboard the MSC Orchestra ship, sailing from Genoa to Lisbon. Discover enchanting destinations in Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal along the way.

Cabin Prices

The cruise price at the top of the page (499€) is listed for the accommodation of one person in a double cabin. To get the total cabin cost, multiply this price by two. All subsequent prices are listed for the entire cabin and do not require additional multiplication.

All prices presented on this website are approximate and do not constitute a public offer. For precise price information, please contact the service provider.

Single Cabin Price

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
24/04/2024 - 29/04/2024 940€ 1.160€ 1.360€ 2.420€

Double Cabin Price

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
24/04/2024 - 29/04/2024 1.000€ 1.220€ 1.420€ 2.480€

Cabin Price for Two Adults with One Child

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
24/04/2024 - 29/04/2024 1.270€ 1.480€ 1.880€ 2.940€

Cabin Price for Two Adults with Two Children

Cruise DateInterior CabinOcean View CabinBalcony CabinSuite
24/04/2024 - 29/04/2024 1.450€ 1.690€ 2.150€ 3.370€

Cruise Route

Day 1: Genoa, Italy. Departure time: 19:00. The northern Italian port city is located on the Gulf of Genoa and is the capital of Liguria and the province of Genoa. The population includes 660,000 inhabitants. Scientific highlights of the city, which was already built in the 10th century, are the University founded in 1783, the Academy of Fine Arts and the Conservatory of Music. Other attractions: The magnificent churches "San Lorenzo" and "Santi Abrògio e Andrea" built in a t.

Day 2: Marseille, France. Arrival time: 09:00. Departure time: 17:00. Duration of port stay: 8 hours. Marseille is considered to be the largest and oldest port on the French Mediterranean coast and at the same time a vibrant metropolis. The city was founded in the 6th century BC by Greek colonists in a picturesque bay, lived off trade, and quickly developed into an important port city. Marseille is a cosmopolitan and hospitable tourist city that offers numerous shopping, entertainment, and recreational opportunities. Attractions: "Basilique St-Victor," the Old Port, the charity house "la Ville Charité," the cathedral "la Major," the town hall, the historic.

Day 3: Sea day.

Day 4: Málaga, Spain. Arrival time: 08:00. Departure time: 19:00. Duration of port stay: 11 hours. Malaga was founded by the seafaring Phoenicians around the 8th century BC. Today, Malaga is a modern city with a significant commercial port, an airport, and a university. Additionally, the city benefits from a year-round ideal climate, making it one of the most important tourist destinations on the Iberian Peninsula. Points of interest include the Royal Palace "Alcazaba," built in the 11th century and equipped with an Archaeological Museum, the city`s cathedral, built around 1528, with charming chapels "Capilla Mayor" and "Capilla del Sagrado Corazón," numerous churches, Pablo Picasso`s birthplace, and the 18th-century buildings "Casa.

Day 5: Cádiz, Spain. Arrival time: 07:00. Departure time: 17:00. Duration of port stay: 10 hours. The southern Spanish coastal city in Andalusia has a commercial and a military port. It is connected to the mainland by a narrow, 9 km long isthmus and a bridge. The population totals 154,000 inhabitants. The city, founded around 1100 BC by the Phoenicians, is known for its medical school at the University of Seville, the Old Cathedral (13th and 16th centuries), and the New Cathedral, built in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Day 6: Lisbon, Portugal. Arrival time: 08:00. The white city by the sea, built on seven hills and surrounded by the natural harbor "Rio Tejo", was founded by the Phoenicians around the 9th-7th century BC. Today it is the capital of Portugal and also one of the oldest cities in Europe. Lisbon is rich in monuments. In addition, the Portuguese capital offers a diverse and interesting cultural scene with theater performances, concerts and exhibitions. The "Bairro Alto" (Upper Town) is known for its nightlife. Attracti.